X-Mas Ball (Large Baubles)

We say ‘no’ to boring Christmas decorations! It’s high time to bring a little bit of spree to the surroundings thanks to large glittery Christmas Baubles.
Huge ornaments will decorate any space and together with the appropriate lighting, they will create the amazing illumination.
Their capabilities are as big as them and the only limit is your imagination.

It’s good to know that…

Extra-Large Version

Choose the size


Build your set

Glow Effect

Add some brocade

High & Low

Hang it or put it on the ground

Timeless Shape

You will hit the jackpot if you decide to choose the decor with some traditional characteristics.

Durable Laquer

Robust design guarantees durability and the ornaments will not lose their luster for many seasons

Resistant and Stable

The decorations are made from the materials resistant to different weather conditions and UV rays.

X-MAS BALL 40Ø 40 cm5 kg
X-MAS BALL 50Ø 50 cm6 kg
X-MAS BALL 60Ø 60 cm8 kg
X-MAS BALL 70Ø 70 cm9 kg
X-MAS BALL 80Ø 80 cm12 kg
X-MAS BALL 100Ø 100 cm17 kg
X-MAS BALL 120Ø 120 cm25 kg
X-MAS BALL 150Ø 150 cm36 kg